Los Compadres/Las Comadres

Reducing the influence of street gangs on our youth

Violence. Drugs. Prison. The impact of street gangs in Santa Barbara County is a danger to our community, a danger to their peers, and a danger to themselves.

CAC’s Los Compadres/Las Comadres program provides a ray of hope through education and mentoring to help gang-affiliated and previously incarcerated youth understand how to make better choices. And live better lives.

The Los Compadres/Las Comadres program focuses on preventing teen pregnancy, substance abuse, violence, and understanding the consequences of life’s choices using a culturally appropriate curriculum. This highly effective program helps turn around the lives of almost 1,000 Santa Barbara County youth every year.

Violent juvenile crime is increasing at an alarming rate and the best way to stop it is to prevent it in the first place. We can do that by helping young people to see that they can live the life of their dreams and have a sense of belonging that doesn’t involve being in a gang.

The future of our community belongs to our children. Violence and gang activity don’t need to be a part of that future.